R & D Lead Developer

Sébastien Marinier

+33 6.22.507.505 - +33
4, rue de la Garrigue 34160 CASTRIES, FRANCE
LanguagesC++, C, PHP, JavaScript
JavaScriptBackbone, Marionette, jQuery, Prototype, SpiderMonkey, DOM, YUI
DevelopmentGCC/XCode/Visual Studio, Git/CVS/SVN, Apache, MySQL
OSMacOS X, Linux, Windows
DomainsInternet, Open Source, Web Servers, Web Services, Distributed Architecture, UNIX Applications, Mac OS Applications, Scrum
2003 - 2017 : Development Team Manager (R&D)
AMI Software : R & D Department, Montpellier
Management of software development
Leadership of a team of 6 engineers.
Development of AMI Enterprise Intelligence software.
I managed, led the entire software platform for AMI Enterprise Intelligence from its initial version and supervised the development team. I led the design of the overall archtecture and framework of AMI Enterprise Intelligence, and establisehd the development guidelines. I set up Intranet-based development tools.

I designed and coded mainly the following projects:
• CMS components (documents storage).
• Topological filtering of web pages (documents noise elimination).
• Site descriptors (semantical analysis of websites).
• Task queue manager.
• Architecture implementation of web widgets.
• Application script language (JavaScript engine).

Today the product comprises approximately 3.7M LoC, of which 300K are PHP proprietary and 800K are C++ proprietary.
2002 - 2003 : Senior Development Engineer (R&D)
Albert : Research and Development Department, Montpellier
Software component development (search engine).
I leveraged Web Services techniques to allow third party access, and a refactoring of the base code to integrate a JavaScript engine (albScript).

• GMIL Library : code optimization, syntactical noise elimination.
• AMI for Domino : I developed a Lotus Notes plug-in for document indexing.
1997 - 2000 : Technical Manager (R&D)
Europe Explorer (Jet Multimédia group) : Research and Development Department, Montpellier
Technical Management, Research and Development
Leadership of a team of 11 engineers and 9 technicians
France Explorer pan-European project: Project management of France Explorer, versions 1 to 5, as well as the localization for Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Holland
• I designed and implemented the architectures (applications, infrastructures, and hardware) of these various products.
• I designed and implemented the middleware, the JavaScript application server, and the JavaScript-based HTML page generator.
• I supervised client interface developments (for Windows and Macintosh) and server (UNIX) for these products.
• I managed the C++ framework project for the internal development process (100K LoC).
• I managed the server application development project (300K LoC).
• I led and participated in the MacIntosh platform development (approximately 2M LoC).
• I designed and implemented the server architecture for the EasyClick and NoPub products.
• I supervised client-specific application developments.

(*) The client product we developed allowed not only for Internet connections, but also for time-duration based payments (telephone bills). It integrated a "smart" connection manager, a web browser, an email agent, and a client/server application protocol. The server product was based upon a selection of off-the-shelf products, in order to implement standard services (site selection, email, chat and search functions), as well as applications developed for specific customers.

1993-1997 : Project Supervisor
1991-1993 : Development Engineer
Computer Answer Line, Lyon
Technical supervision of the SIAM project.
Techical leadership of a team of 4 engineers.
• I coordinated the development of the first three versions of SIAM for Windows and MacOS.
• I designed, coordinated, and implemented the server program (UNIX).
• I monitored the deployment of the SIAM network project in Denmark (Diatel, Kommunedata Co.)
1987-1991 : Freelance
I accomplished several personal projects in my spare time during college and military service (1990-1991).
• I ported games for Apple OS'es (MacIntosh and AppleIIGS) for the Infogrames Co. (spread over four years).
• I developed various graphic application for MacOS.
• I continued my senior year project with the CAL Co., which resulted in the SIAM project.
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de LYON (5-year degree in software engineering)
1985 French Baccalaureat C, Montbéliard High School
Tennis, VTT and funboard
Contribution to OpenSource programs (LibEtPan, PHPGacl...)